The Difference

World systems have become a part of today’s church services. From instant coffee and quick magi noodles, we have quick services for people who have busy schedules. We try our level best to make services look pleasing, appealing and short to the convenience of those who are busy. We entertain them in the church.

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How you worship matters-1!

Every human being is born with an inbuilt desire to worship.  Worship is the ultimate expression of a heart that is devoted to love, adore, serve and live for a deity.   When it comes to the matter of which deity, a look around you tells that people differ in the matter of which deity is to be worshipped and how that deity is to be worshipped.

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How you worship matters-2!

There are three noteworthy instances in the Bible where God rejected the worship offered to Him – one prior to the old covenant, one during the old covenant and one in the new covenant.  It would do well to study these instances and glean lessons from them as to how we should not or we should worship our God and what kind of worship God would accept or reject and why.

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How you worship matters-3!

The third instance is found in Acts chapter 5. The era of grace had just begun.  The Holy Spirit was given to dwell in the hearts of those who repented, accepted and obeyed Jesus and lead them in His Way!  With the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, all the sacrificial rituals and ceremonies prescribed by God in the old covenant, which were just a type and shadow pointing to Jesus, were forever abolished.

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