What we see with our natural eyes constitute our physical vision, but what we see through our spiritual eyes make up spiritual vision. Paul said, “What we see is temporal, but what we cannot see is permanent.” How have we trained our eyes to see today? We want everything we look at. We greed for them; we lust for such things. Jesus said, “Eyes are the lamp to the body. If they are clean the whole body will walk in the light.” But today, the problem in the Christian world is that we don’t look at the things as God looks at them. We have a human approach to our human sight. We fight for temporary things but never bother about the eternal. We live for the temporal but are not concerned about the eternal.

Until Joseph could see spiritually, he never understood why God trained him in the desert to be used in the palace and until Moses could envision what he was called for, he never understood why God trained him in the palace to be used in the desert. Until Elijah’s spiritual eyes were opened he couldn’t see the answer to the problem of his loneliness. We have trained ourselves to enjoy all that this world has to offer that are pleasing to our sight. Try looking at such things through the eyes of God, for you will realize the amount of filth contained in the matter that we care for so much. When situation were so tough against me, I could not understand why it was occurring to me until I could see the problem through the eyes of God; then I realized His grand design in my life. Look at your problems through the eyes of God. Cancer? Divorce? Miscarrige? Unnatural death? Finance? Heart breaks? Look at them through His eyes.

The book of revelation says that we need eye salve to see our spiritual condition. We worry about how we look and how people look at a particular matter, but are never concerned about what God thinks of it. It is the Holy Spirit who will open our spiritual sight. Unless we have a spiritual vision, we are choking God’s Word to work in our lives.