Jesus said, “Lay up your treasures in heaven where there will be no moth, and it’s not going to rust.” He also said, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be.” Man is all worried about what he possesses here on earth failing to understand what he must possess in heaven. We are taught, trained, educated and sent to earn and nothing more than that. Today’s world gives you respect not for who you are but for what you possess. Material wealth is all going to fade away someday. We return to dust even though we possess huge wealth. But that’s not what is going to determine your destiny. Today’s evangelism has become professionalism. Marketing techniques are in full fledge in the church. I read an advertisement in a Christian magazine recently: free individual promise, free family promise, free prayer oil, for ordination registration fee etc. I am baffled at the possession we Christians are gathering into our bank accounts.

Jesus condemned this kind of materialism.  The rich young ruler, though he followed all the commandments, yet couldn’t make up to heaven because his possession became a hindrance to him. Jesus said, “It is easy for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man entering into God’s kingdom.” May the church take this warning as we are living in the last days! Paul said, “
Money is the root cause of all problems.” The currency in God’s kingdom always remains ‘souls’. What is it that we have done for Christ? How many souls we have won for Christ? What is our spiritual possession? Do we have balance in our accounts in heaven? Unless we think and live for this spiritual possession, we are choking God’s Word and we are failing to recognize God’s purpose for our lives. If you are materialistic, you cannot see the Word produce fruit in you!