Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” What are we seeking these days? Party’s? Pubs? Disco’s? Revelry? Enjoyment? What is our heart longing for in today’s world? I got introduced to a new Christian friend and he was excited to call me to visit his church once. He started to explain how wonderful things happen in his church; he said that they would be going for an outing shortly as a church to have quiet time with God and so asked me to join him. He said there will be boating, trekking, fun, enjoyment and finally a short word of God at the end of the day. I was puzzled as to how come it was said as quiet time with God!!! We are not free from being exhibited to one of the vilest temptations of the enemy in this fast moving technological world. We are in no-safe zone. You are just one click away from enjoying all that this world has to offer. To describe the process, we are subjected to the pleasures of this world if we are unable to say ‘No’ to the offers of this world that will ultimately destroy our soul and body.

Christians are more prone to these than anybody else. Fashions are allowed in some worship places. We are concerned about our physical attire while our souls are rusting and degrading. Cross has become the symbol of style to this modern day ‘YO’ world, when it has to be symbol of salvation and power over death to a wretched sinner like you and me. We are more concerned about how we feel rather than how God feels. Moses forsook the passing pleasures of this world. I like that phrase, passing pleasures. Obviously it is. All that we wear and enjoy and cause our pride on will return to dust someday. Jesus pointed us to correct way of enjoying life-seek first the kingdom of God. Seek first the spiritual and then allow the physical to follow. If we are not able to just say ‘No’ to the physical temptations of life, to anything that pleases the body but not the soul, to anything that will give you a momentary satisfaction, to anything that is going to cost you soul and eternity, then you are choking God’s Word to work in your life. Re-check yourself once again before you claim God’s promises.