Carnal mindset is enmity with God. Paul says, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,” James says, “Friendship with this world is enmity with God.” To be spiritually minded is life, but to be carnal minded is death. The bible is not silent about this matter of getting your mind into control. With the heart we believe, but with the mind we reason. We believers won’t think sometimes, and thinkers obviously won’t believe. How are our mindsets today? We cannot understand the things of God with this carnal mind. We cannot fathom the things of the Spirit with our carnal minds. Before Paul could begin his apostolic ministry, he spent time to empty his mind filled with human knowledge and wisdom. It took God ten years to reshape him. Before God could use Moses as a mighty instrument, God had to teach him how to change his mindset from being worldly to being heavenly. It took 40 years in the desert. Jonah reasoned in his mind and was walking away from doing God’s will, it took a whale to teach him a lesson- to do God’s work we need to think with our minds controlled by the Spirit of God.

Too many people in the church today think according to the world and do it in the church. Services are designed in such manner as to please people. We reason out to have a prayer meeting but we never pray. We need to undo all our worldly wisdom to understand the divine wisdom of God. Worldly wisdom cannot perceive God’s works. Are you carnal minded? Always thinking and worrying about the world, flesh, and the things that are seen? If so, you are choking God’s Word from working in your life. Start obeying God’s Word as it is without reasoning, for then His mind will become your mind.