Painful thoughts and weighted needs,

For those that are stuck in them, Lo, the Calvary bleeds;

The message unfolds and the drama is true,

Jesus came to deliver us all, and not just a few.

Manifold wisdom, bunch of thoughts,

Vile imaginations, evil senses shot as darts;

Man is so cruel, his thoughts so evil and bound,

In Jesus alone there is freedom, where else can it be found?

Tampered emotions and bewildered feelings,

Man’s evil nature, our hearts always aligned for material things;

At the end of day, its freedom or death,

The cross calls for it, Lo the Savior’s last breath.

How can someone pay my price?

Why did He have to, when I wasn’t so nice?

What did it take Him to be a substitute?

Cross became a shelter, for me a destitute.

Could that be a man who did this expedition?

Or was it a divine intervention?

All I know is that now I amguiltless, free and saved,

And only a God can do it, when as a lamb on the altar He behaved.

Son of God and Son of man was He,

Blameless and spotless, only such a lamb can make us free;

Our sins put on the blood so precious divine,

Ransomed humanity’s guilt and now in Jesus we live and shine.

Here oh traveller, so burdened and lost,

There is a place, where your sins are already paid for a cost;

Here in you can lay beside the still waters and be rest assured,

In Jesus our Savior, for love and eternity we will all be lured.

Oh what a joy it would be when we meet Him in the air,

To behold His beauty, at His manifold presence we stare;

Up He will call, only those who are washed by His blood,

Then we will all be sealed for eternity, in heaven’s flash flood.

-For Restoration,

Joel Suchith

16th July,2013