And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales; and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized. Acts 9:18

Many of us have been born and brought up in a Christian family; many have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in our personal life may be because of an incident that had a tremendous impact in our hearts, and few have been miraculously led to Jesus by their inner convictions without even anybody telling them about it and there are some who have heard about Jesus and accepted Him because of the various means of communication that is in the world today; either of the ways in which people have met God, it is always important what follows after they have met Him.

Saul (who later became Paul) was on his way to Damascus, to imprison those who believed on Jesus. He had issued rights from his higher religious authorities to persecute, torture and drag these people into prisons for believing Jesus as their Messiah. Paul was so zealous for his Jewish background that he was ready to do anything to safe guard his religion. Jews did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah, the One who would redeem Israel. Paul left to Damascus on a mission to hunt God’s people. On his way, in the middle of the noon, light much brighter than the sun, shone upon Paul, and the Bible says, the light radiated from the face of Jesus. Spellbound and awestruck, Paul fell to the ground and was soundly converted with this dramatic experience with Jesus Christ, whom he was persecuting in the ignorance of his knowledge. Paul becomes blind as the light of God shines upon him. Jesus tells him to wait for Ananias, who would come to him and pray for his blindness to be removed, pray for the Holy Spirit and get him baptized.

Supernatural story! This man who met Jesus on his way never anticipated God’s visit, never expected Jesus to meet him, who by and large was against Jesus, yet became the greatest of the apostles who turned the world upside down with his tremendous ministry for Jesus, after which sort no man was able to serve God like him. And it all happened just after his encounter with Jesus. Paul even wrote the major part of the New Testament.

Like all of us, Paul met God. But like Paul, why are we not able to do what we are called to do, FUFILLING GOD’S PURPOSE for our lives! Paul was obedient to the heavenly vision, why aren’t we obedient to the conviction of the Holy Spirit on the inside of us? Paul took the cross and followed his Master, why are we doing everything else apart from this and are displeasing our Master (Jesus said, ‘Take up your cross and follow me’)? Why are the after effects of meeting with Jesus Christ (as seen in Paul’s life) remains unseen in the lives of so many believers around the world today?

Before Paul met God, he was blind on the inside; after he met God, the Lord turned him blind on the outside. He was blind until a man of God came and laid hands on him and the bible says, “And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales; and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized.”

There is a great vacuum of Paul’s in the church today; we have people who have met God, who have known God for years, people who have been attending the church for decades, who have been a Christian all through their lives and yet have never met the purposes of God for their time. It is just because of SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS! Paul had it. He never realized his blindness until he met God face to face, but praise God, they were removed and even ours can be removed too.

The need of the hour is for a Paul, who will not be disobedient to the heavenly vision imprinted in the Word of God; for someone who would stop pleasing people and find the favor of God; for someone who would step out of comfort zone and start living in the divine zone; for someone who would love death for the sake of Christ; for someone who will be known in hell as most wanted for the sake of his testimony. But more than that, the greatest need of the hour is for the removal of spiritual blindness in the Christendom.

Four things happen when you meet God! Recognize them; if these have not occurred to you, you need to get back to God again. You need to go Bethel once again, the place where you met God once.

  1. You will be made blind on the outside to see your inside.
  2. You will see who Christ is (Inner revelation of Jesus Christ).
  3. You will be led by the Holy Spirit to take off your blindness.
  4. You will be sent (with a new vision, mission and passion).

You will be made blind on the outside to see your inside:

It is an important process before anyone could be used by God to serve His purpose. To know how you are on the inside you need to shut yourself from the outside. When the things of this world, its pleasures, it’s lust and all evil with it, is taken out of sight, then we will begin to see and understand the divine at work in our lives. Sight of this world blinds us from looking to God for everything. When you begin to shut your eyes from this world’s attraction, you will begin to feel the pull towards the kingdom of God. When Paul recognized that he was a sinner, God prepared him for a heavenly work. The moment you meet God, the things of this world, the riches, the pleasures and so on will seem rubbish and equal to dung. The more heavenly you become, the less earthly you will be. Notice this tremendous joy that floods your soul when you see Jesus; all else will fade, for He alone will glare. It is good to often shut our eyes from the pull of this world and to seek Him and His kingdom on the inside of us.

You will see who Christ is (Inner revelation of Jesus Christ):

It is very important that we have a personal revelation of who Jesus is for our lives. Too many people feed on the revelation of others, which is but a sad plight. We have become used to receiving second hand revelations while we are made to receive that at first hand from God. We do not have time, we are busy, we are stuck with other personal works, we got engagements, we love parties, we love social networking et cetera.  We are really not ready to receive Jesus as Paul did. The light that radiated from the face of Jesus blinded the eyes of Paul to see who and how he was on the inside, and the very same light came into his heart to give him the revelation of who Jesus was and is to his very own personal life. To peter, He was the Christ, the Son of the living God; to Andrew, He was the Messiah; to John, He was the Lamb of God; who is Christ to you? Have you seen Him on the inside of you? Do you have the inner revelation of Jesus Christ? When you meet God, you will know Him.

You will be led by the Holy Spirit to take off your blindness:

Jesus turned the water into wine, but He needed people to fill those jars; Jesus fed five thousand with just five loaves & two fishes, but He needed a young lad to get that to Him; Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, but He needed somebody to lose his bounds; Jesus evangelized the World, but He needed twelve ordinary men to do it. God can do everything, but He needs you and me to be His instruments. When Paul saw the light, he was struck blind, but he needed Ananias to pray for receiving the sight. When we meet God, we need the Holy Spirit to take off the veil from our inner eyes, so that we may see the things of God more clearly. There are possibilities that though we have known and met God, that we have never allowed the Holy Spirit to be our helper in our walk with Christ. There are so many of the believers who oppose the work of the Spirit of God. Let this be imprinted in our minds that without the Holy Spirit, we can never live victorious lives on this earth. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you daily, listen to Him, and talk with Him as He unveils the things from the Word of God. We badly need Him today than ever before in the church history. When you meet God, the Holy Spirit will be the instrument that God will use to change you.

You will be sent (with a new vision, mission and passion) with a new Master:

Jesus doesn’t sit with SITT-ERS, He goes with GO-ERS. Jesus came for the very purpose to send us. He never told us to sit, but to go out into the world and preach the good news. The only thing that the church is lacking today is the ability to raise up GO-ers. It is not the church that said GO, but Jesus Himself gave that mandate and the church has to obey that divine order in sending forth missionaries out into the world. The harvest is plenty but the reapers are few. When Paul met God, he was told to GO and he went! The problem with us is that we are not willing to give up our comfort zones to witness for Christ. Church, the time has come for us to rise up once again, like in the days of early apostles, who went all over the world and never bothered about their own lives. The blood of these precious martyrs will rise up against us in the day of judgement if we fail to ignore the divine mission which they gladly accepted. When you meet God, you will be sent, and you will GO! Your new Master will be the Lord Jesus Christ!