“…but only send your word, and my servant will be healed”. Mat 8:8

Jesus was pleaded by a centurion to heal his servant. While Jesus was still on His way, the centurion said the above verse.

If we were the centurion for a moment, we would grab His hand and might as well run faster to reach the spot. Wouldn’t it be better if Jesus Himself would come and touch and we witness the healing! (Just incase if it needed a second touch).

But, the centurion didn’t. He discovered something else; a mystery & a secret of the power of Jesus. The centurion meant, Lord, your presence is too much for me to take, but there’s a way, you need not come. You can only speak a word and that works perfect.

“He sent His word and healed all diseases and delivered them from all their destruction” Psalm 107:20

‘If I could only touch the herm of His garment, I’ll be made whole’, the women with the issue of blood thought. And it did work! ‘Let there be light and there it was’! ‘I’m willing, be made whole’ Jesus said. And the man with leoprasy was cleansed.

‘The revelation of the power of God’s word is the key to unlock many questions and problems’.

Today, we might have many problems around us. Many storms overpowering us, and they all need the healing, deliverance and the touch of God. We are desperately like the centurion to run here and there to resolve it. But amidst it all, if we could only understand the secrecy of God’s ways, and the revelation of it, unlocking is simply easy. You don’t have to wait till Jesus could reach your problem. Simply say a word and it is done. Simply touch the hedge, power will flow; simply believe and the dead will raise; simply walk by faith and He shall provide!

You should probably tell Him today like the centurion did, ‘Lord, only speak the word’, and I will receive it’. And you will go and surely find your problem resolved at His word!

– Joseph Suhas

Heaven’s Voice of Restoration!