Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” Mat 14:28

Something must have stirred Peter out of the boat. He wasn’t one of them. He refused to be contended and satisfied. He said to himself – ‘there must be more’, ‘Is this what I have come across so far knowing God of eternity and yet how do I not dare walk like the master? If the master is walking, I must also walk. Oh yes, the storm may be raging, I may be in the flip of danger, I know the winds, I know it’s depth, I know it’s turns. I’m well acquainted with sailing and the waves hold my childhood memories, I know for sure that it is impossible to walk on the water. For it doesn’t allow any! But i’ve also known and seen the power of the creator, creator even of the waters and of heaven and the earth. I’m believing God for a supernatural, something that never happened in all its history; I’m stepping into spiritual realm. I’m moving out, I’m moving ahead’!

Come,” Jesus said and Peter finally stepped out of the boat with the word from his master! For he knew his master alone could do such wonders. he wanted one. he was ready to walk over his past; his carnal understanding & disbeliefs; his daily routines & limitations; his impossibilities & his failures. He learnt that those who know the Lord shall do greater exploits. The very reason his master manifested the supernatural was to quicken the ready and there he was – READY. He fixed his gaze on Jesus, as he stepped out, the disciples watched in awe, the power to walk out drawn from fixing his eyes on Jesus and the word pf Jesus, his knowledge and revelation of God established his steps and stirred him out. His first step from boat into the water turned him to a history maker. His faith went ahead of each step. He stepped into a life of adventure. He experienced the impossible as he kept walking towards Jesus, every step became challenging and wonderful.

We too, like peter, are called for such a life of adventure, daring to step out, daring to live on the edge; daring to do the impossible; daring to believe God for supernatural; a life full of wonders and miracles; a life of faith, a life of great exploits. Jesus calls us for such a life of walking into extra ordinary. But are we ready? Is our faith strong enough to take that leap? Are you one among the called and quickened? Now therefore raise up, get ready, if you know your God, you better walk out into such a life! Behold, Jesus still stands before you.