It’s Jesus!!                                                                    -Joel Suchith

When you turn left, He tells you to take right,

When you try to jump around, He tells you, ‘it’s not now, stay calm & quiet!’

Because what we do, we always don’t know what to do and when,

But when He tells, He tells us like a Loving Father to His beloved children.

When you are hurt, He takes you in His arms to heal,

When you are disturbed, He tells you, ‘My peace which I give you can feel’;

Because when we do, we really don’t know how to do and what,

But when He does, He does it just like Lover who is forever be sought.

When you are wounded, He feels your pain,

When you are trampled, He tells you, ‘My cross is your gain’;

Because what we feel, we feel as if it’s occurred without a reason,

But when He feels, He feels as though He is themeaning for that season.

When you are gone too close to sin, He will plead you to stay away,

When you are getting too far from Him, He will plead you, ‘In My arms please now you lay’;

Because how we are going, we really don’t know where our life is going to end,

But when He guides, He guides us like a dying Saviour and a Loving friend.

Sometimes I give up, but every time He won’t,

Sometimes I quiver with fear, and then He says, ‘Hey please don’t’;

Life is a puzzle and you will never know when you are fine,

But don’t worry, Coz its Jesus who tells, does, feels, and guides so gentle divine.