Flowers and cards, sweets and chocolates,

Exuberant atmosphere with two different states;

Some celebrate because they are accepted,

Some get depressed because they are rejected;


Fantasy of love, the immature hunt to catch,

Finally gets deceived, as sin begins to hatch;

What was once love, slowly turns out bitter,

What was once care, begins to lose its glitter;


The memories that excited, begin to prick,

The emotions that soothed turn out to be a trick;

The innocent, mild and weak are abused,

The cruel, selfish and wicked are amused;


A colorful life turns into black and white,

It all started with love at first sight;

Love that’s meant to last for life,

Makes life sore and bitter, filled with strife;


Is this the definition of love or can someone guide me please?

Take me to a place where love doesn’t cease;

The love of this world soon comes to an end,

Can someone show me love through worlds without end?


I am tired, alone, betrayed and haunted,

I need someone, who I can lean on, though I’m unwanted;

Someone who would love me, in my state of helplessness,

Someone who would love me, in this hour of hopelessness;


Is there someone who would love me, without selfish gain?

Is there someone who would love me, knowing I can’t repay again?

Then I was told that someone gave His life on the cross,

He was crushed, wounded and hanging there for a cause;





Being fascinated of this voluntary self sacrifice, I wanted to see,

They said, “God loved, so He gave His only Son for you and for me”;

Why would He do what He did when He gave His life for me?

I was told that Jesus loves, and His love would set me free;


For the first time in life, I found out what I was seeking for,

An unconditional love, freedom & sacrifice to end all human war;

I accepted His love, that changed my life forever since then,

Jesus Christ became my love, my greatest gain;


God incarnate came down for me – the Father’s love,

God eternal paid the price for my sins – the Christ’s love,

God almighty opened His arms for me – His Holy Spirit’s love,

He is waiting for each one of us to know that love – the Best love!!!