There is a voice that hasn’t been heard, so quiet and misty though may seem,

Morning breaks and day begins, as the voice journeys through heaven’s beam;

Questions arise and our hearts ponder with what? Why? Where? And so,

Like a lid uncorked and mesh unwound, mind is shattered with answers to and fro!

Why it happens what happens, why it is not the other way around?

Have you been in such a spot, where life is a puzzle until you reach the ground?

Sometimes there is an answer and sometimes our mind battles with a failed thought,

Though we may strangle ourselves here, the answer lies within the heaven’s resort.

Every day is a battle ground with frails, defeats and futility often over-heard,

Things that mess up and things that inspires, often combined seems so absurd;

One cannot escape so clearly visible, this vast hollowness of life and reason,

Unless one finds a purpose, a purpose as to why man is the reason for the season.

What is that so great a cause so great that entails our very birth and death?

Is there a reason behind for all these or is it a heavenly bequeath?

I pondered over these lines, and tried to unveil the purpose, my thought concealed,

Man cannot have a reason to exist by himself unless God is revealed.

Oh what a life it would be if you only know your greater cause,

Man was created by God in His very image, if you can, think with a pause;

Our journey here doesn’t exceed beyond the limits of horizon which we can see,

But what we do here, will surely take us to where we have to be.

Hear the voice of heaven and hear your heart within,

For there is a God who is closer and He doesn’t want you to sin;

For this cause only you have been wrought in your mother’s womb,

To worship Him with all purity in heart, mind and soul, until you reach the tomb.