And He said to the man who had the withered hand, “Step forward”. Mark 3:3

It was another Sabbath day.  Jesus, as was His custom, entered the synagogue.  There was a man sitting in the synagogue whose hand was withered and the Pharisees were watching and waiting to accuse Jesus of healing on the Sabbath if He healed the man.  The scene was all set for a trial of Jesus to accuse Him for violating the Sabbath.  But out of the trails of life’s toughest settings, Jesus unveils the secret of receiving God’s power.  It’s true that some of the life’s beautiful lessons are learnt during the toughest times, but we all know that the price to learn those lessons is ‘costly’.  Out of the crushed mixture of nature’s store, comes the aroma of a perfume smell.

Jesus, looking at the man, said to him, “Step forward”.  Here was a man whose hand was handicapped but his legs were perfect.  He could not move his hand but he could walk!  Jesus asked the man to do what he could do, so that Jesus could do what the man could not do for himself – HEAL HIM!  When the man stepped forward, Jesus asked him to stretch his hand.  “And he stretched it out and his hand was restored….” Mark 3:5

God asks us to do what we can do so that He can do what we cannot do!

Too often, we want God to work in our lives in various situations while we don’t want to do anything at all on our part!  We want Him to bless us, bless our family, our church; but we are never ready to pay the price.  When we are not doing what God is asking of us, how can we expect God to work through in our lives?  We want healing, but we have too much of doubt in our faith and too much of faith in our doubt; we want to be blessed, but we never give; we want to be with God in heaven when we die, but we are so earth-bound while we are living; we want peace, but we are not willing to adjust; we want to be rich in God, but we are not ready to be poor for Him; we have a committee to organise a prayer meeting, but we never pray for a committee meeting; we have more PAY-ers in the church, but few PRAY-ers; we have many interferers in the church, but few intercessors!

We want God to move on our behalf, we are not ready to live on his behalf; we say ‘where is God when it hurts’, but we hurt him when he is near; we are ready to wear any fashioned clothes this world produces inside the church, but we never wear the garment of righteousness, holiness and integrity that Christ gives us outside the church; we advertise a public meeting, but we never live the life of Christ publicly; we have too much of the world inside the church, but too little of the church outside; we have become too earth-bound that we have lost the sight of eternity. Failing here, we are failing everywhere. We are not doing what God is asking us to do!

God always asks to do only what we can do. We can pray, we can intercede, we can travail in prayer, and we can sow into the kingdom of God prayerfully. There are so many ‘WE CAN’s’ in the church today that are rusted and rotten. Jesus told the servants to fill the jars with water so that He can turn it into wine; He told his disciples to distribute the food so that He can multiply it; He told the people at the tomb to roll the stone so that He could call Lazarus out from the dead; He told Peter to cast his net so that He can fill it with fishes; He told his disciples to wait so that He can pour out His spirit!

Today if He is telling you to do something which you can do, do it! There is a miracle which is going to follow! You say ‘I haven’t done it for years’, but I say, you do it now; because what you have not received for years, you will receive now!

“Even now, return to me with fasting and mourning and weeping”, says the LORD.  Joel2:12

When we do what we can do, God will do what we cannot do!