Now what?

Jesus made it so clear when He said, you don’t belong here, and you are not of this world. My dear friends, we are aliens on this planet earth, we are strangers, we are pilgrims travelling to a land far more beautiful than this – whose builder and maker is God. We ought to realize this fact and accept it and live everyday as if our journey here is not permanent.  Someday we will all be gone. Someday we will all be laid to rest in peace (R.I.P). Someday our presence here on earth will only be a memory. How do you wish to leave your image behind when you reach that place beyond human sight? Well that depends on how you live now! “How you live now determines where you will be tomorrow.”

My dear Christian friends in the corporate world, it’s quite easy to say ‘yes’ to the world when we are surrounded by it day in and day out. But at the same time it’s also quite easy to say ‘yes’ to that unseen world when we live by it day in and day out. Apostle Paul said, “In Him we live, we move and have our being.” It doesn’t matter where you are working today, but are you surrounded by Him who lives you in? Do your thoughts carry Jesus with it? Is Jesus involved in making decisions for you? Has Christ been the centre of your purpose for existence? Does His love emanate in and through you? Do your finances glorify God? Are you living your life on earth with eternity in mind?

20 years from now will just pass away like that, and all that remains will be the days we spent more time on PC’s and less time on our knees; more time meeting our friends and colleagues and less time talking to God; more time organizing meetings and rarely attending any prayer meetings; more time eating, drinking and outing and less time crying, interceding and worshipping; more time in watching news less time in doing something about it (praying); more time in KFC’s, less time in Christian fellowships; more time in the world, less time with the Word.

I wonder how can we break this yoke of worldliness and live Godly! I found out that it’s possible and that’s all I wanted to leave for this topic to run through your mind:

Die Daily with Christ!

Every morning if this becomes your first step while you still lay on your cot, then the rest of the day it won’t be you but Christ will live in and through you. His presence will be your oxygen jacket all through your journey, whether you go sea-diving or for aerobics, whether you are in the midst of a tempting situation or in the midst of the people who know no god. For then you will be able to hear when you have finished your course on earth, a voice saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Oh may we live for that voice to be heard! God Bless you!