Fish out of water experience isn’t new to our Christian world. It’s been a hand-on experience from our giants of faith in the Bible. Noah was chosen and remained a remnant while his corporate world was sanctioned to be destroyed for its wickedness. Abraham was called to come out of it; literally a ‘get-out-of-that-place’ call was issued.  Israelites were led out of the corporate Egyptian world by the very hand of God. Why God had to get them out of Egypt rather than, in His might, allow them to flourish and multiply in the same place? We need to think about it. Some places are never meant for us to stay. An altar is made for a sacrifice, a boat to sail, a tabernacle to worship God, an ark of the covenant for God’s glory to descend, a cross to be hanged, a nail to be pierced, a tomb to be laid in after one dies and a heaven to ascend, all were meant to be where they are, just to fulfill the purposes of God.

You may ask, “Brother, do you want us to quit working in such MNC’s and live a jobless life and come down to nothing and starve?” Thank goodness, I dint finish it yet! Our God is always supernatural and works beyond our finite imagination. He provides a way where there seems to be no way, makes rivers to flow in the desert, makes people to pass through the sea on a dry ground, paves a path in the wilderness, gives manna from heaven, turns water into wine, takes a cool evening walk on the surface of water and gives life to us from His death on the cross. I say it again!  My God is an extra-ordinary God and His ways are incomprehensible too!  That’s the reason why King David says in Ps 119:20, “My soul is crushed with longing for your ordinances at all times”. He got a taste of who His God is when he fought against Goliath with just a sling and a powerful name of the Lord of Hosts! He dint leave God ever since. Clever King! Aren’t we lagging behind in that area of tasting God and clinging to Him???

There is a way out of this messy system! Gods already provided it for us!

We human beings have advanced so much scientifically, technologically, but spiritually we are so backward! We are worried about sensex and share markets, but are ignorant of our record in the heavenly market.  God alone knows what we have deposited there so far!!!??!!!  We can’t earn anything once we get to heaven – it’s now or never!  We know how to reach the bottom of the ocean with oxygen jackets; we get into space, though we are not made for that atmosphere. We trek the mountains and walk through the valleys, swim across the oceans, and learn aerobics to enjoy more in air than live peacefully here on ground. We have enough talent to break barriers and reach the prohibited. But we do not know where exactly we are created to be meant!

God created Adam to live in His presence always! That’s where we are supposed to be, in the presence of God! But sin made God to put Adam out from the Garden of Eden, literally from His presence, for God cannot tolerate sin. When God put him out, He made sure that Adam is provided with the virtue for his survival, the very purpose for which he was created i.e., a place in his heart to be filled by God alone. We all have that place in our hearts ever since wherein only God can fill it. That was the provision God made for us to survive. But sadly, that place remains empty in most of us and so we are prone to danger anytime!

When we carry His presence in us, no matter wherever we are, we can survive!!!