It’s not that easy. It wasn’t easy before, and it ain’t going to be that easy too. You will be forced, you will be pressurized, you will be compelled, you will be the sheep for the party, and you will be the chicken in the curry. What does it really take to be a man of God to be in there in the corporate world? What does it take for a child of God to be in there? What about someone who is a close friend of God? Well brother, I got to earn for myself and live. How can I escape not being there? There is a whole lot of money in there. You are paid in huge figures. It’s all about corporate life, an extravagant life; parties, friends, outings, chats, late-out’s, shifts, disco’s, and lots more fun with peers and pals. What else do you need brother? Life gets settled right there. Family, property, bank balance, cars, investment for the posterity, insurances – it’s all about life and what else you need brother?

On that Christmas night, there were so many stars twinkling over the dark blue expanse in Bethlehem. It was a cool night, a silent night, a pleasant night, a moderate night to sleep by, a night to think for the next day and thank for a finished day. It takes me by surprise that amongst all the stars there was only one star that led the wise men from the east to look out for a King who was born. It was that one star that led them to Jesus in the manger that night. No doubt, the world offers many ways by which you can earn and live; but never be surprised to know that there will be only one, only one, only one way that will lead you to live a life that will take you home (heaven) at the end of your journey.

Time to take a break and look out for something that never got to our heads before; God became a man and stepped out from heaven – filled with God’s presence, accompanied by His Holy angels, worshipped by them, being on a throne from where He rules – into a world which is sin-filled, temporal, filled with people of distinct characters, where everyone got their own thrones and nobody wants anybody to sit in those thrones, a place where nobody allows anybody to rule, a place where nobody wants to serve and everyone wants to rule, a place where there is more worship of mortal beings and less worship of the true heavenly God, a place where nobody listens to anybody, a place where money is more important than life; pleasure more than holiness, name more than morality, fame more than integrity, a place where nothing works for the good but everything for the worst, a place where people invest here on earth to live in heaven after they die. Have you just thought of How God felt when He came here on earth and encountered some of His wonders of creation? Well that wasn’t easy for a God to be in here right? Like a fish out of water??? Absolutely! But He did! He came for you and for me to show that even we can live in a completely different environment, but not loose of our identity – who we are, what we are called for, whom we represent and where we are going!

“Tempted in all points like as we are, yet without sin.” Heb. 4:15

How did He do that? Is that really possible? Of course it is!